‧Classes: the guarantee classes are 1 on 1 with a total of 15 lessons; other classes have 10 lessons. 

‧minutes; please arrive early at the Caribbean Recreation Center for checking in, changing and warming up.

‧Time: Please pick a selected time and date and confirm with the staff members the date of the first class; also, please follow the progress of the learning passport. 

‧ Guarantee class

‧1 on 1

‧1 on 2

‧1 on 3~4

‧1 on 5~6

‧Love yourself just a little bit more! Reserve at the Caribbean recreation Center for the “Japanese full body massage”, “foot reflex massage” and “oil massage” therapy. The professional therapist will help you relax the body, mind and soul with their skilled techniques and temple. 

‧Japanese full body massage/foot reflex massage/oil massage therapy