Caribbean Heated Swimming Pool 


Entering the Caribbean Recreational Center is like going to the real Caribbean paradise with the crystal blue water, palm trees and artificial landscapes. Leave the mundane matters and troubles behind and reenergize the soul. The swimming pools’ temperature is controlled to make sure that visitors can still enjoy a good swim in the winter. 



For a better swimming environment, please follow the following regulations:


Height Limit

110cm Less 

110cm -140cm Less

140cm Up

Standard Use

Can not enter

Need to be accompanied by a parent (only for children's pool)

Allowed to enter

Non-Ordinary Guest

Can not enter



Lees Boutique Guest

Can not enter




•For safety issues, children under 140cm may not enter the fitness center and Sauna without being accompanied by parents.

•Lockers are available for use, please inquire our staff. We do not hold responsibilities for lost personal belongings and valuable objects.

•Those who are not in their swimming suits, pants or cap may not enter the pool. 

•Those who suffer from skin disease or other infectious disease may not enter the pool. 

•No floating materials or toys are allowed in the pool.

•Persons creating disturbances will be escorted out of pool area, police will be notified when necessary.

•Please do not enter the pool after finishing eating or drinking. 

•Special physical conditions (i.e.: heart disease or asthma…etc.) should be notified to the coach.

•Automatic pool filter cleaning system is implemented in this pool. Please shower to remove makeup and lotion before entering the pool to maintain water quality.

•Depth: Swimming pool: 130cm \ Splash pool: 80cm

•These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. We appreciated your understanding for any inconveniences caused.



7F Carribean Leisure World

Open Time:14:00~22:00 Monay~Sunday

Closed for maintenance on every first Mondays of every month

TEL: (07) 229-6030  EXT:3701